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Auto repair engine removal process made easy

automotive breakdown repair car repairSometimes it’s just fun to do things yourself. Working on a car might seem intimidating, but it’s a lot simpler than it may appear.

These are my steps for removing a motor from a car. A Haynes manual for your car can help a lot in identifying parts and providing removal tips. I am no mechanic, fortunately I had someone to help me that was familiar with the process. He works for Jose over at a an auto shop here in Brownsville.

Park your vehicle as close to your engine hoist as possible. Remove the bolts out of the hood hinges and remove the hood, use your wrench as your hand sucks as a tool. Hoods are heavy so give a buddy some beer to help you out. Disconnect the battery so you don’t short anything out.

Drain your radiator into a bucket and disconnect the hoses. If they won’t come off go ahead and cut the hoses. It is usually easier to replace a hose. Take the fan out, loosen the tension pulley, or alternator and pull the radiator out. Don’t forget to make the fuel lines and the intake air supply loose.

Now free up the power steering pump. Take out the power steering pump and the ac compressor and leave all the hoses connected. Remove the wires from the motor, leave spark plug wires attached for now. Make the exhaust manifold lose. Take a wrench to remove the bolts off where the transmission and the motor.

Lift your car using a jack. Place jack stands beneath the car to stop it from crushing you. Slide well under the car and remove the exhaust pipe connectors and starter. Take off transmission connections near cross members. Remove bolts from transmission connectors at the engine block with your wrench. Remove the bolts from the motor mount connection. Get out from under your car, remove jack stands, and lower the vehicle. Attach a heavy chain with bolts to both sides of the engine block and roll your engine hoist over. Pull the block out slowly. Be sure front of the motor is up higher than the rear. Be certain not to damage the vehicle as you move motor from the car.

There you have it. I am no huge expert on cars. This process wasn’t all that hard with a little help from my friend. I am sure if you pick up a book and many a few friends, you can easily remove your car’s engine block as well.

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